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About Me

Alejandra Veder, originally from South America, born in a beach town in Argentina, a former international fashion model, began her entrepreneurial career when she wrote her Amazon First Book, “Unleash The Woman Within: 8 Simple Steps to Finding Your True Purpose.” After experiencing painful situations that she overcame, she implemented techniques which were later shared to help others flourish and find meaning.

She is the Founder and CEO of How to Write a Book in 2 days and Really change your Life coaching Business Leaders, Speakers, Influencers,  to write, publish and market their book during her program.-, a live workshop that takes students from idea to author in record time challenging. She is also the founder of The Book Express, an Author Services company that provides concierge done-for-you book writing and packaging services. Alejandra is a Tony Robbins graduate coach of the “Madanes Academy,” she offers a powerful 40 days program to help people transform and overcome situations such as divorce and mid-life-crisis.


Passionate about women and leadership – She lives in Miami Beach with her son Benjamin.

Client Reviews

I increase my energy, mindset, clarity by 60%, Amazing. Briana

I found direction with my coaching program. Claudia