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Alejandra is originally from South America, born in a beach town in Argentina. For two decades, she has been traveling and discovering the world and finding answers about life, meaning, and happiness. Former Model, Television Host, Actress; Adventurous, curious, fearless, and accomplished, after years of life experience, she has settled in United States, Miami Beach, and begun a new journey of self-development and awareness of her own existence after experiencing painful situations that she overcame and implementing techniques to later share in her book to help others flourish and find meaning. She is the Founder and CEO of, Author of “Unleash The Woman Within”, “8 Simple Steps to Finding your true purpose”.

 She has developed a 40-day Coaching program that is very efficient, Design for people that are overcoming a big loss,  divorce, mid-life crisis, a new beginning and are dealing with past blocks that prevent them to live life to their fullest potential. Helping people find their purpose has become her life passion. She offers Coaching for both men and women.

My Books

Unleash The Woman Within: 8 Simple Steps To Finding your True Purpose (Paper Book) Buy Now

Unleash The Woman Within 8 simple steps to finding your true purpose (eBook) Buy Now