The Nlp: Neuro-linguistec Programming


The approach to the communication and self-talk you have with yourself. This is so important because it’s about the power of the words you use with yourself and others. I’m going to give you a little introduction to what happens with your words. Every time you look at yourself and you say negative things such as. I am fat, I am stupid etc (when you drop something, for example), or you start to compare yourself with different people, including celebrities or models, and you think to yourself, I am not pretty enough, or I am not good enough. . . you are making a huge mistake.

This thinking process damages your soul, affects your beliefs about who you are, and every time you say negative and hurtful things about yourself, you make your brain believe it is who you really are.

The way you talk to and criticize yourself, what you believe, it all affects you deeply; you’re intoxicating your beliefs. From now on, make a list of all these things you’re thinking, say them out loud and deep inside your thoughts to yourself, and replace them with something positive. After you understand, start to replace them with nice things about you.
(simple but very efficient).The easiest way to reprogram your brain.It works!